Residence permit and investment in Bahrain

No taxes on companies and individuals, lower tariffs, policies and uncomplicated soft, provide a legal regimes friendly to the investor
Doing business in the United Arab Emirates or Bahrain offers many advantages. To benefit most from them, delegate the job of company formation to Sico United Group , the UAE management consultant team with a proven record of success. Consider these benefits: No corporate tax in all business sectors. No income tax for employees in all business sectors. No barriers to trade, currency, or foreign exchange.
Simplified procedures for commercial, are the Kingdom of Bahrain a regional center for banking and financial Tremendous opportunities for growth in the market is open, friendly people and a culture conducive to business growth The government seeks a permanent improvement of infrastructure, there are a lot of freedom in the Kingdom of Bahrain One of the most major ports in the Middle East, easy access to all markets in the Middle East, the rule of law and order, the prosperity of the tourism industry and recreation, social life and a good variety of food, he went to the corporate governance
So whether you require advice on how to set up a company in UAE and Bahrain , or need consultancy on UAE, Bahrain residency visa, we are here to help you.