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About Us

Local Knowledge, Local Expertise, Local Connections

Make Our Strengths Your Strengths

Setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates or Bahrain can be profitable. But the process of company formation doesn’t have to be complicated—not when you have Sico United Group on your side. Just ask the many satisfied companies that have used the services of our management consultancy for company formation in the UAE or GCC

Why the UAE & Bahrain?

As a regional economic hub, the UAE offers many economic benefits, including giving your company access to the emerging markets of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian sub-continent, an area that includes over 30 countries and 1.8 billion people. The UAE economy is strong, free, and vibrant. The government and currency are stable. Intellectual property is protected. The country’s infrastructure is the envy of the world. Our human resources are drawn from the world’s most talented people. Governments, business organizations, and the UAE’s free zones offer an exceptional range of services. With no tax on profits and income, with no barriers to trade or foreign exchange, the attractions of doing business in the UAE are many.

Why Sico United Group ?

Experienced & dedicated consultants
All your business needs under one roof
Creative solutions to achieve your vision
We deliver where others fail
To become part of this dynamic economic picture, do like many other successful companies have done: Contact one of our consultants. Ask for a free no-obligation quote on forming a business in the UAE.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer investors an efficient and timely method of company formation in the United Arab Emirates Or Bahrain Sico United Group inc. provides a complete range of management consultant services to ensure the successful establishment and continuing profitability of companies operating in the UAE.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to remain one of the leading management consultant companies specializing in establishing companies, branches, partnerships, and professional firms in the UAE. We will carry out that vision by offering a full range of management consultant services and by building client relationships that continue into the future.