1. sglargeYour Company in Singapore in 1-5 days.
  2. A very competitive price, in complete transparency.
  3. Complete confidentiality.
  4. A dedicated manager available throughout the year.
  5. Your company with a bank account, including eBanking and credit card. Opening by correspondance

Singapore Company formation, ideal for:

  1. Businessmen
  2. Commerce over the Internet
  3. Consultants / Counsellors
  4. International business
  5. Holding intellectual property rights
  6. For the custody of movable and immovable property
  7. For inheritance purposes
  8. Stockbroker / forex

Singapore company main characteristics:

  1. Company type Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd)
  2. Information published relating to company officers The names of directors and shareholders appear in the Public Registry. One of the directors must be resident in Singapore
  3. Confidentiality High level of anonymity and privacy
  4. Accounting requirement Yes, annual reports required
  5. Taxation 17% above SGD 300,000, 8.5% below No taxation on the profits earned abroad or from financial securities.
  6. Legislation Singapore Companies Act 1963.
  7. Standard Currency Singapore dollar (SGD)
  8. Stability Singapore is a very stable jurisdiction and has an excellent reputation
  9. Communication Very efficient communication means
  10. Time zone Convenient world time zone : GMT+8
  11. Secretary required Yes
  12. Paid up capital requirement No paid up capital requirement (1 $)
  13. Basis of legal System Under Common Law
  14. Minimum shareholders / directors Minimum of 1 Director / 1 shareholder
  15. One of the directors must be resident in Singapore
  16. Bearer shares Bearer Shares are not permitted
  17. Documents required for the creation of the company A certified copy of your passport (or identity card), as well as proof of domicile dated less than 3 months.
  18. Fees € 4200 to incorporate and € 3200 per year. Detailed Fees

Information concerning Singapore

singaporeSingapore is a city-state, located in East Asia, and made up of 64 islands. It is one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world, and has been independent since 1965.

It is also called “The Switzerland of Asia” because of its high quality of life, and Singapore has experienced exceptional growth thanks to its particularly advantageous maritime position, which has allowed it to become a real financial and trade hub between the Pacific and Europe.

The economy of Singapore is primarily based on banking and financial services, the electronics industry, with Creative Technology, and the maritime sector; its port is ranked in the premier class in the world in terms of exports and oil.
In spite the socio-economic problems of the past, Singapore’s political system has been remarkably stable since independence. It is regarded as an authoritarian democracy, and the city-state practices economic but not political liberalism.