Set Up Company in Bahrain

Documents required for the establishment of Bahrain


The first phase
A copy of passport Cost: 150 dinars a person Duration: 7-30 days
Identify business
Fill out a form and the Ministry of the Interior
The second phase
Signing of the contract between the client and the company Cost: 39,000 dinars [39000 Real Q.] Duration: 15-30 days
Original passport
A bank letter of reference [shows customer name and account number, and the date of opening the account]
A list of names proposed trade [4 names]
Identity or residence of origin
Fill out a form set up a company
CV with photograph
Qualifications, if any
Agency of notary certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Bahrain
Statement of account for 6 months
Statement of account for 3 months
Fill out a form to sign
Customer Information Form
The third stage
Medical examination Cost: 200 dinars a person x [SR 2000 s.] Duration: 7-10 days
Photocopy of your passport is valid
Signing the registration form LMRA