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Invest in Bahrain

  • No Tax for companies or individuals
  • Custom duties are low
  • Corporate friendly policies
  • Investor friendly legal system
  • Simplified Business procedures
  • Upcoming Banking and financial hub
  • Tremendous scope for growth and open market for opportunities
  • People are friendly and culture is conducive for business growth
  • Good infrastructure and government has also started initiatives to make it better
  • There is lot of freedom in Bahrain
  • Major port hub in the Middle East
  • Easy access to all Middle east markets
  • There is good law and order in the land
  • Flourishing entertainment and tourism industry
  • Good social life and variety of food
  • Introducing Corporate governance


  • The Middle East’s freest economy – ranked 13th worldwide
  • The region’s lowest taxes, with zero corporation tax
  • 100% foreign company ownership
  • The Gulf’s lowest operating and living costs
  • A 40 year track record as the Gulf’s leading financial centre
  • Unrivalled access to the booming Gulf market, worth $735 billion annually
  • One hour’s drive from 50% of Saudi Arabia’s economy
  • Free trade agreement with the USA
  • Duty free imports of inputs (raw materials / equipment for production)
  • Expertise and talent of an international human capital pool
  • One of the highest qualities of life in the Middle East
  • World class infrastructure